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Having criminal cases or being a victim of crime in Dubai is not as common as in other countries. The crime rate in Dubai is comparatively low compared to other states. It is the reason why Dubai is considered the safest city? And many people go there for business and other purposes.

Filing a criminal case in Dubai: Know The Laws

You can contact the MAC Debt Collection Agency if you have criminal cases or have. And our best lawyers will help you win your case. Our experienced lawyers have 20+ years of experience. And we have more than 2,000 successful cases. Our lawyers will gather evidence in your favor and make their strategy accordingly. 

What are Crimes? 

Any illegal activity against state regulations or laws is considered a crime. Different states or countries have their rules to punish criminals according to their crimes. In Dubai, the crime rate is low. That’s why it is one of the safest cities in the world. 

Common Criminal Cases in Dubai 

Here, we will discuss the most common criminal cases in Dubai. Dubai is the safest city, but sometimes, you see criminal cases in Dubai. Here are some of the most common criminal cases in Dubai. 

Assault and Battery 

Report a criminal case if anyone harasses you physically or emotionally. The harassment may include abuse or injury. 

Intentional Explosion 

If anyone intentionally tries to damage the property or sensitive installation of the country, he will get punished. The arsonist may get a jail sentence of up to 20 years. 

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Best Debt Collection Agency in Dubai 


Robbery is a serious criminal offense. The punishment for robbery becomes more severe if robbers have weapons during the robbery. 

Child Abuse 

Physical or emotional harm to children comes under the scope of child abuse. Child abusers may get severe punishment in Dubai.  


Kidnapping cases happen when strength overcomes weakness and helplessness. In this case, the strong force takes a week with force and incites his family for ransom. There are severe penalties for kidnappers in Dubai law. 


Murderers will get severe punishments according to the rules and laws of Dubai. You will see low murder cases in Dubai due to its strict retributions. 

What is MAC Debt Collection Agency             

MAC Debt Collection Agency is the best agency. You can get our assistance in any case. We provide our services for financial, criminal, and civil cases. We have the best lawyers with experience of more than 20 years. We have a high success rate. We have more than 2,000 successful cases.

Our best and most experienced lawyers will guide you throughout the case and help you in winning your case. We also provide the services to get your money back from your creditor. You can enjoy your quick and best services not only in Dubai but also in the UAE.  

How Does the MAC Debt Collection Agency Help You in Criminal Cases? 

MAC Debt Collection Agency provides valuable and effective services in criminal cases. We build our strategies to help you throughout the case. We help you in criminal cases in the following ways.  

Understand the Legal Framework of Dubai 

Understand the legal framework and criminal justice system before opening a criminal case in Dubai. Dubai has a legal framework that relies on civil law principles. Arabic is the most common language used in court cases in Dubai.

English has its value there. You can also use English in Dubai’s judicial system. The judicial structure of Dubai and UAE is hierarchical. Our best lawyers understand the judicial system of Dubai very well. We are fully aware of it. 

Provide You with the Best Lawyer 

After understanding your meter, MAC Debt Collection Agency provided you with the best and most reliable lawyer who can help you in your case. You should call the MAC Debt Collection Agency for the best lawyer for your case. Our lawyer completely understands the judicial system of Dubai and can help you in a better way. 

Evidence Collection 

You need evidence against your opponent and in your favor. This evidence may be documents, pictures, videos, or any other form. Our lawyer will help you in finding the evidence because they play a vital role in any case. That’s why gathering evidence is the most important and necessary step to run a lawsuit.  

Complete Paperwork 

Now is the time to complete the paperwork with the help of your attorney. Prepare the necessary documents from your lawyer to proceed with your case. Here, submit various documents to file a complaint at the police station. Collect them and proceed with your case. 

File a complaint against your opponent at the Dubai Police Station.

After completing all the paperwork with your lawyer, file a complaint against your opponent at Dubai Police Station. Make sure that your lawyer will be along with them throughout the process. He can guide you in a better way. 

Submit your documents and file a complaint. It is where your job ends and the police work begins. Now, the Police must capture the criminal. 


After receiving the complaint from you, the police will begin its action. The Police will examine the case to understand the facts. In this way, it may take statements from you and your opponent. Their investigation helped them understand the lawsuit. 

Your lawyer’s help to get through the investigation

The police will also take your statements. In this regard, you strongly need the support of your legal consultant because he is the only one who can help you through the investigation. He will guide you to give a better answer to the legal officers.

Public Prosecution 

After the investigation, the Police will refer the case to the public prosecution. The public prosecutor will review the lawsuit and the evidence. After that, he will decide whether it should go for a further trial or decide on the evidence. They may require documents and evidence before making the decision. 

Court Proceedings 

If the public prosecution needs further trial, it will send the case to the High Court. And then, the court will pronounce the verdict considering the evidence and the witnesses. And then, the court will consider the crime and punish the criminal. The court’s decision will be final.

Qualities of MAC Debt Collection Agency 

Experienced lawyers 

We have lawyers with experience of more than 20 years. Their professionalism will help you in winning your case. 

Well aware of Dubai rules and laws 

Our legal team has complete knowledge of the Dubai judiciary system. We do not violate the rules and regulations of Dubai. We assist our customers according to legal and verified procedures. 

High Success Rate 

We have experience of 20+ years that is proof of our knowledge. It shows our success rate. We have more than 2,000 successful cases. 

Quick Services 

Our services are less time-consuming. We value the time of clients. Therefore, we complete the procedure as soon as possible to save the time and money of our client. 

Solid evidence 

We collect solid evidence to defend our client. We believe in winning cases without resorting to lies. 


How can the Mac Debt Collection Agency help you in a criminal case? 

MAC Debt Collection Agency helps you in criminal cases by providing you with the best and most experienced lawyer. The lawyer will guide you throughout the case, and the chances to win the case will rise. 

Where can we avail of the services of MAC Debt Collection Agency? 

If you are a resident of Dubai or UAE, you can get our services because we assist in Dubai and the UAE. 

Can I leave the UAE if I have criminal cases? 

UAE authorities may cancel your visa and stop you from traveling or leaving the country. 


If you have become the victim of any crime or criminal or need any assistance for civil or criminal cases, you can contact the MAC Debt Collection Agency. We provide you with the best lawyers to help you. Our lawyers will guide you throughout the case. He will also help you in understanding the rules and laws of Dubai. Just make a phone call to us to get our help. 

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